In my greenhouse today

Sunday morning and the sun is up today. We've had mostly cold and rainy days lately so sunny days are much welcome. Only downside is that the greenhouse gets hot before I get out of bed so I go out there first thing every morning turning the heater off and open all the windows and the door. Once the chance of frost is over I can put in the automatic opener for the windows.
Right now the greenhouse is filled to the rim, but I'm not done sowing all the seeds just yet so there will be even more tucked away in the greenhouse. I bought some seed trays that I hope will fit underneat the bench so that I can get the seeds to germinate and than transplant them out in the garden. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll get there soon. There's still a few weeks left before we can be sure we won't have frost and I can start planting things outside.

 This is what my greenhouse looks like today. I need to get the rest of the tomatoes into bigger pots so that I can start using the solar irrigation system we've bought.

Tomatoes are my favourites to grow, they're a true challange to get a good harvest from before it's to late in the fall. So far the best varieties have been 'Marmande' and it's an indetermined variety that I also can collect my own seeds from. I'll be collecting seeds for the first time this year.

I haven't had any mints before, I only got this since my good friend Maria told me about how she makes her own teablends so I just had to try it.
Turns out I use the same kind of mint when I'm cooking a few of our favourite dishes so I'll be dehydrating mints through the summer so that we'll have enough for winter.

It's a few years since I stopped sowing flowers from seeds and turned to vegetables only, but I know that flowers can be beneficial to grow amongst the vegetables so I started some marigolds from seeds. I also bought a few plants, but I'll be adding more flowers ahead. Marigolds are tough and they are willing to bloom throughout summer if I deadhead them and try to keep them happy.

Herbs are one of our favourites to dehydrate, but I've never had enough before so this year I'm doing lots of herbs. Our favourite is parsley and oregano, but we also use basil and cilantro during winter. I need to start more parsley from seeds and so far I've had a real issue with germination. I started them in the greenhouse and sad to say I failed more than I succeeded. This time I started them indoors and I actually got a better germination so I'm going to start more indoors and then move them to the greenhouse as they start growing. I know I got about five parsley plants so far, this is the biggest of them. I'll might have to come up with another way of dehydrating herbs so that I don't need to use the dehydrator all the time.
Now it's time to have breakfast in the greenhouse and start transplanting those tomatoes. What are you up to today?

Until next time, be well.


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